Saturday, April 28, 2012

FREDDY'S DEAD (1 and 2/3rds)

Freddy Garcia (aka The 5-Out Man) hasn't made it through the second unless you count Friday afternoon
at Belmont Racetrack when he made it through the 5th race (and he had 5 outs there, too —5 horses out of the money). Thank you, New York Rangers for rising to a new level with an unrelenting forecheck at the start of Game 1 at the Garden Saturday while Freddy Garcia was stinking up the field. But listening to those NBC announcers was just as bad as the jerks on Fox; like a Hate Crime against anything New York. Didn't matter to the Black and Blue Boys of Broadway. Their game is coming and Lundqvist seems to be grasping the level he must rise and all roads lead to The King being up to the challenge.

Go Rangers!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Following the Freddy's Dead Debacle, Phil Hughes had his chance to etch his place in the 2012 Yankee rotation in Pinstriped Stone tonight in Texas when Bad News came from Doctors about newly acquired and instantly lost-for-season Michael Pineda (aka The Dominican Idle). Time for Hughes to shine and shine he did for all of one inning. Give credit where credit is due. This Texas lineup's tough as they come and Hughes sat the first third of it down 1-2-3 in convincing fashion. Too bad he didn't convince the 4 through 9 batters in the next two innings and was pulled after 2 and 2/3rds.

Now the ball's back in Freddy's court. Win or Lose, then Hughes. Where's Andy?
                                                        WIN      OR      HUGHES?

Saturday, April 21, 2012


How could The King allow the Ovechkin goal 1 minute into the last Ranger game of the year
to bust his hole for the Playoffs? It happened. He's a 30/40 game regular season King,
but in the second season —He's a Here King (smooching sounds) Dog. 8th seed Anderson has risen to
the occasion, yet he's an 8th seed team goalie. Last year, The King was an 8th seed team goalie and he played his role very well.

Not to mention Tortorella, the man with the live-in-the-past-with-other-personnel plan.
Bunch of skaters on the ice who were't used to the other. Bad coaching. Bad goaltending.
Outmanned, Outmuscled. 1st Seed/8th seed —no difference.

The only cat on the Ranger team to actually rise to playoff caliber hockey was Stralman
(shift in/shift out)

See You Next Year, King. It's another Rangers Season down the drain.

Another Rangers Team that couldn't forecheck. Couldn't score.
Give Ottawa credit.
Give Ovechkin credit. He busted The Kings hole.


Freddy Garcia has Pettitte Mal Siezures.

He cannot pitch anymore. He cannot think about anything else but the number of days
he has left in the yankee rotation (in a yankee uniform, for that matter)

The second Andy Pettitte announced his return, poor Freddy lost his inner pitcher. He's got an outer pitcher. His outer pitcher can't pitch a 1-2-3 inning, unless it's 1-2-3 runs behind after the inning is over.

Freddy's dead. Send him packing now, put Phelps in his spot until Andy comes back.

I'm paid nothing for this. You would think the people who are paid could see what happened to Freddy's mindset the second Pettitte announced his return and make a move.

Freddy Garcia is the only pitcher in the league the Red Sox don't fear.

Freddy's Dead. That's what I said.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Only Nick the Lick can hit a rally ending Double (i mean, did he get to 3rd w/nobody out —NO)

He did get back to the dugout after three straight outs, though. Nick the Lick. And guess who

comes up to the plate after two good singles by Martin and Gardner and Jeter moving them

over(two outs) Who comes up? Of Course it's Nick the Lick who swings like he's gonna clear the

center field wall with ease —like the ball is used to doing whenever he puts wood to it Nick the

Lick. Wild man Garcia didn't help the Yankees Cause, but it was Nick the Lick (Tricky Nick) and

it'll be the next good Yankee season when they don't have him to kick around anymore.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Private Clutch

Nick the Lick don't know the word Quit; there ain't no word quit in him —Like — Quit Screwing up
Quit Trying too hard Quit pretending you belong in the majors; just short so he's got a small strike zone which earns the walk now and then when it don't count

3 run losing homer last night and today all they chances to avoid the sweep and all he avoids is
coming through in the clutch

nick swisher —private clutch; and one sentence sums it up —a private don't belong in the majors

private clutch —159 games and counting; a man's gotta know his limitations.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Nick Swisher —Yankee Fans (aka Nick the Lick {as in} can't hit a {lick})

popping up another ball four for an out after starting 3 and 0 and then sitting on the bench,

near the cooler, cause that's what he is —the cooler; an anti-rally round the flag boy.

Good eye, Good eye, Good eye (which one) cause the other eye sucks (oh, he's just pushing too hard

and he's so hard on himself... the new whipping boy —Nick the Lick) Number two in the lineup and

number two in productivity. Nick Swisher Switch Hitter —you gotta get hits to be a switch

hitter —pretty soon his season averages will catch up to his playoff stats —oh he's just trying

too hard —bring up some kid and put him near the cooler and don't let him step in number 2.